New Favorite Lipstick!

For me, a trip to Sephora can take eons. Okay maybe not eons, but long enough. My recent venture into Sephora allowed me to purchase (and fall in love) with a new lip color. I had never bought a Sephora Collection lipstick before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after using it for a couple of weeks, I definitely have to say it may be one of my favorites so far!
I know with lip colors, especially ones with more pigment, it is hard to decide what is too bold to wear as an everyday lip. This color is light enough to pass as work appropriate, but still bright enough to make my face pop. I like how matte it is and how easily it applies. It’s pretty long lasting, and though I could definitely reapply halfway through the day to make it look brighter, it still has enough of a tint by the end of the day that my lips don’t look completely bare.
PicMonkey Collage3
I’m wearing Sephora Collection Color Lip Last Lipstick in N°21 

My only qualm about this lipstick is the packaging. When I bought it, I loved that the tube was longer and narrower than usual because it was easier to apply than a fatter lipstick. Unfortunately I went to open it some time last week and the entire stick fell out of the tubing. It was an easy enough fix to pick up the stick and push it back into the casing, but I think that it could have been designed a little better to avoid such a situation.
Despite this, I think that if you’re in the mood to buy a new lip color you should definitely check this one out!xO K


Holiday Wishlist 2014- For Her

Happy December! Somehow this year FLEW by, and we are now back in the holiday season! With the sparkles and cheer comes a slight anxiety about finding the right gifts for the people you love. For those of you who are scratching your heads for ideas, don’t mess up your locks because I’ve got you covered!



Clockwise from top left:

La Mesa sweater from Hollister- This lightweight sweater is perfect for layering and looks cozy enough to lounge in, and cute enough to wear out.

Perfect Pink Brush Set from Sephora- Since pink is my favorite color, I’m definitely partial to this set. I think makeup brushes are the perfect gift because a lot of people don’t want to justify spending money on a good set of brushes for themselves.

Wall decor from francesca’s- Every time I walk into francesca’s I’m drawn to the table of wall decor plaques. I love how sassy and cute they are and I think they make the perfect gift to a girl of any age!

Quilted Crossbody bag from Forever21- Who doesn’t need another crossbody? This bag is especially cute because of the all-over quilted print and the twist lock clasp.

Michael Kors Collection Mini Coffret from Macy’s- I’ve tested each of these perfumes and I absolutely love them. Gifting a perfume set as opposed to a single bottle (unless it’s been tried and true) is always a safer option; you wouldn’t want to give a gift that may not be liked!

I hope this helps you as you begin your holiday shopping…and remember…while you’re out there, buy something for yourself too!

xO K

Champagne Glam!

Today I looked at my Urban Decay Ammo Palette and tried to think of a going-out look that deviated from dark shadows and smokey-eyes; something a little glamorous and dinner-friendly but still bright enough for a night on the town. Something that you could pair with a cocktail dress while you pop some champagne…and then I realized: why not create a look centered around champagne?!


You start by applying Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Grifter” to your entire lid. All of the shadows in the Ammo Palette are extremely pigmented and shimmery, so don’t overload your brush when using this shadow.


Then apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Chopper” to the outer half of your lid. This color has a warm copper tone, and mutes the pink.

Apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Maui Wowie” to your tearduct and swipe it up into your crease. This color is a gorgeous shimmery gold, and brightens up the eye while sticking to the “champagne” look.

Finish with black liner along your waterline and top lash line, and a swipe of Buxom mascara, and you’re off to your next soirée!

xO K

Nude Nails

Since it’s summertime, pastel and nude nails are becoming the rage. I’ve seen so many people with nude nails, and I love the look. The best part about painting your nails a nude color is that when they chip, it’s not as noticeable as it would be for a bright color. For me, this is perfect for the summer because my nail polish tends to chip faster after I spend time in the pool or ocean. Nude nails also match with everything, and since I tend to wear brighter colors during the summer, I never have to worry about my nails clashing.

Luckily for me, Sephora decided to discontinue its OPI line to make way for its own nail polish brand, Sephora X. For the past week, they’ve had a giant sale on all of their OPI nail polish, marking it down to 50% off. As many of you know, OPI makes quality nail polish, and sells for about $9.00 a bottle. Needless to say this sale was a miracle, and I definitely indulged in a bunch of colors!

Here are my nails in Leotard Optional:

PicMonkey Collage nude

This was the right nude for my skin tone, because the lighter ones contrasted too much. If you’re around the same skin color as me, this is the perfect nude for you!

If you’d like to check out the sale, you can find nail colors here, and top coats here! A lot of the colors are already gone, so if you’re interested definitely buy something right away!

xO K