Getting Warmer!

Though my hearts only desire this spring is to be wearing summery floral clothing, the reality is that we are still feeling the remnants of this bitter winter. I find myself reaching for my fall fashion essentials, rather than the clothes I would normally veer towards. It doesn’t help that we had a minor blizzard here in State College last week; that really helps me put my fashion choices into perspective.

I do love how the sun is actually starting to feel warm, and how I’m seeing birds fly north. It’s the promise of what will hopefully be a very sunny few months. This Easter Sunday, we were lucky to have some gorgeous sunshine and temperatures in the high 60’s, and I took full advantage of the fact that I wouldn’t be shivering in just a sweater, without a coat!



Though it’s probably on its last leg because I’ve worn it into the ground, this white sweater is hands down my favorite sweater. It’s just so warm and comfy, and it’s legging friendly; I wish I had bought more than one when I found it!




I’ve been very into turban headwraps lately. I feel like they’re the perfect piece to polish an outfit, whether it’s casual for a quick run to the store, or the added touch for nights of bar-hopping. I’ve been slowly growing my collection, and I love that I can add color or dimension to a simple outfit just by wearing one. I anticipate them being a summer staple for me, especially because they help keep my hair in check on breezy days.


 Sweater – Abercrombie and Fitch (similar) | Headwrap – Forever21 | Sunnies – Rue21 (similar)
Boots – Bandolino | Leggings – LOFT | Crossbody – Coach

The boots I’m wearing are probably my favorite pair of boots on the planet. I bought them over Black Friday, but if you know me, you know that if it’s new and it’s beautiful I will probably never wear it in fear of ruining it. I [finally] pulled them out of the box last week, and have been wearing them all the time now. I managed to keep them safe from the salt and snow so I’m pretty happy that I waited!

I’m hoping to soon be able to put the boots and sweaters away for good. It’s about time for some sunshine!

xO K


Fall Layers

The weather outside has been prettttyyy frightful (see what I did there?), and even though we’ve had some bitter cold days, we’ve also had some pretty days that remind us of the warm summer we’ve left behind. For those days, I love to layer just enough that I don’t absolutely need a jacket; there is just something so refreshing about leaving the house without a jacket. As fall slowly comes to a close, I want to squeeze out as many fall outfits as I can! Here’s one of my favorites:


IMG_20141205_160319702edWhen I layer in the fall/winter, I always try to wear a top that gives me room to wear something underneath. This flowy blouse needs to be worn with a tank top anyway, so it’s usually my go-to (it’s always my favorite shirt so there’s that). Boyfriend cardigans are my favorite during this time of year because they’re so cozy and look great with leggings and jeans. I decided to transform my navy blue scarf into an infinity scarf by tucking the fringe ends into the loop. There are just some days you want that infinity loop, and luckily it’s not a hard look to mimic!

My handbag needs a paragraph of its own. I had been looking for a new bag for months and I was so picky that I never found anything I absolutely loved. This Black Friday, I made it my mission to finally pick something no matter how long it took. Luckily, this gem was waiting for me! This purse is literally perfect; it has multiple compartments, two ways to carry it, and I love the gold finishes with the black leather. I have been carrying it around like a prize since I bought it, and I know it’s definitely my new favorite bag.

IMG_20141205_160458997edShirt – Charlotte Russe | Cardigan – American Eagle | Boots – JCPenney

Special thank you to Hannah for taking these photos!

Hope you are all staying warm!

xO K

Fit for Sailing!

My dad celebrated a milestone birthday last week, so on Saturday evening, we celebrated by chartering a yacht on the Hudson. Our trip began in Jersey City, and we spent the first hour and a half sailing North to the George Washington Bridge. The skyline reflected the setting sun and it looked different with each passing minute. By the time we reached the bridge, the sun dipped too low for us to see it, and the city lights started flickering on. As we sailed back down the Hudson, back to the marina, we travelled parallel to the city which was completely lit up. I can’t explain how breathtaking it was, especially because I have begun to take the skyline for granted (being from New Jersey and all). I have to say that it was an amazing experience; the weather was perfect, and the city was breathtaking. One of the requests from the crew prior to our arrival was that we wear white for our journey. I definitely enjoyed putting together a practical, yet fun sea-worthy outfit!








 Shoes – Nine West | Bag – Kenneth Cole Reaction (Mushroom)

I decided to wear my fedora because well, let’s face it, I don’t wear it very often. I always pack it in my beach bag but I never end up wearing it. To me, floppy hats are better for the beach than fedoras, so this girl has been sitting in my closet for two years just waiting for her time. When I got ready for our trip on Saturday, I considered straightening my hair and immediately voted against it. I knew the ocean spray would not be too kind to straightened hair, so I decided to spray it with some Wind and Water Beach Spray and tousle it up before putting the hat on. Taking a hat was definitely a good call because it kept my hair in place despite the crazy breeze.

My favorite part of this outfit has to be the shoes. I mentioned in my previous post that I have to wear safety shoes to work, so I have been veering away from shoe sections during my shopping escapades. Recently. I was shopping at the outlets with my mom, and she insisted that I try on this pair and I’m so glad I did! They are ridiculously comfortable for heels, and I love the color and how perfect they are for everything summer. During that shopping trip I also invested in the crossbody, because I desperately needed one. It’s so darn useful, and it definitely came in handy during this weekend when I didn’t want to carry my giant bag with me.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, and is definitely something I would love to experience again.

Happy August!

xO K

Black Lace and Boat Shoes

It’s funny how drastically my wardrobe changed once I began working. It’s not that I walked around in crop tops and miniskirts all day but I definitely dressed pretty casually. Long gone are days of wearing sweatpants and cut up t-shirts, lying in bed with Netflix. Though I still desperately miss Netflix during the day, I do have to say that I love dressing up for work. I hate to admit it but in college, there were some days when I didn’t even look in the mirror. I had maybe one class scheduled for a day, so I didn’t really care about getting myself semi put together, let alone all prettied up. It is really nice to match my outfits, wear jewelry, and do my hair and make-up on a daily basis. I might change my tune once it’s cold outside and I just want to cuddle up in fleece all day, but for now this is definitely a nice change of pace!

Since I work in a lab, I have certain restrictions on what I can wear. No skirts, crops, or dresses, and I have to wear safety shoes instead of pumps or flats. It’s fun working around the restrictions and still staying fashionable enough; I mean there are days when my outfit would be perfectly polished with a pair of black patent leather pumps but hey, the safety shoes are cute enough to make it work!

Another weird transition is what I buy when I go shopping. My predominant requirement to look for is something I can wear at work, and still wear in a casual setting. It’s weird to not immediately run to the maxi skirt or crop top racks and instead focus on more conservative professional clothing. I love shopping for work; if you look in the right places, you can find adorable blouses that can definitely be worn in multiple settings. With that being said, I went shopping splurging last week and bought a bunch of stuff that I could not wait to wear this week.




Blouse – Forever21 | Pants – LOFT | Safety Shoes – Rockport

My cousin was visiting last week and we both fell in love with this shirt at Forever21. For years, we’ve wanted to buy matching shirts, and we were really happy that we finally found what we’d been looking for! I love the black lace detail and the overall quality of the shirt. I’m a little skeptical when it comes to buying work clothes at Forever because a lot of their shirts are too sheer to be appropriate. This was definitely a pleasant surprise! The ankle pants from LOFT fit so well, and are really comfortable. This outfit definitely falls under the above-mentioned category of “would look perfectly polished with a pair of black patent leather pumps” and the safety boat shoes definitely take a little getting used to. Luckily they’re fun and comfy, so when I think about my outfits I just pretend they match too!

xO K

Floral Maxi Dress!

Maxi dresses are becoming the definition of summer. When the style first came out, I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I could pull one off. I decided to take a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did! Maxi dresses have instantly become a summer staple for me, and I feel like I can wear them just about anywhere. They are so perfect for a casual weekend running errands, a backyard party, a day at the beach, or just about any other summer activity! Since I spend most of my day in business casual clothes for work, I’ve been trying my best to not change directly to pjs when I get back and utilize my summer warddrobe as much as I can. I wore my first, and absolute favorite maxi dress this weekend, and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!








 Dress – Forever21 | Bandeau – Aerie | Shoes – American Eagle

The best part about this dress is how it has an inner lining that cuts off just above the knee. The remaining length is sheer with a slit down the left side. The back is also open and has a tie close. I feel like all of these elements make it dressier which adds to its versatility. The tie close may seem tricky because it isn’t wide enough to cover a strap underneath, but an easy fix is pairing it with a bandeau of any color. This way you don’t have to worry about what to wear inside, and you can add a little something to the outfit. The biggest highlight of this dress for me is the adorable floral print. Can it be any more summer?

xO K

Graduation- Something Blue

S and I always wanted to wear white dresses for our graduation ceremony. We decided to accessorize differently- she chose all black accessories, while I chose cobalt blue ones. It was fun to run around finding matching cobalt stuff, but it was surprising to find that the color is not very popular this season! Up until now, I only saw cobalt jewelery on every rack I looked at, but when I finally needed to buy it, I couldn’t find anything! Most of the stores I went to only had mint, coral, and neon colored statement jewelery; much to my dismay I did not have many options to choose from, but I did manage to find nice accessories to work with.







 Dress- Express | Necklace- Sears | Earrings- Laila Rowe | Shoes- Macy’s (similar here) | Belt- Sears (similar here)

The shoes were absolutely perfect for this outfit, and I’m so glad I was literally able to match every accessory I wore (minus the watch). The white contrasted perfectly with the blue, and even though no one saw my outfit for most of the day, because of the graduation attire, I loved that I had something pretty to wear to lunch after the ceremony!

I love the way skinny belts look with jeans, so I bought a size bigger than I would have if I just wanted it for the dress. Adding an extra loop to the belt will be a simple fix to stop the end of the belt from hanging off my waist!

xO K

Floral and Feminine!

I love that the midi skirt is coming back. I have skirts in this style from middle school (it makes me proud to say they still fit!) and I have been waiting for them to become popular again. This floral skirt in particular is one of my favorites, and though it originally came with a matching tank top (which I no longer own), I love how I can match it with just about anything.






Shirt- Gap | Skirt – New York & Company | Anklets – Forever21

The best thing about floral pieces is that they go with anything plain and simple, in this case a plain black tank top. They also make just about any outfit delicate and feminine, which I just love. Wearing shoes that match your top also helps to balance the outfit; if I had worn a white tank top, the outfit would look great with white shoes. I love that it’s getting warm enough to flaunt these pieces! Summer is around the corner!

xO K