Organizing Your Makeup!

If you are like me and you have a lot of makeup, it can be hard to figure out how to organize it all. I try to keep my “non-essentials” in a storage bin, and sort through it when I need the lesser used items, but for my daily routine, I end up leaving compacts and tubes of lipstick all over my counter. My best way to “organize” all of that was to just stack it “neatly” to give it some sense of order.

I decided to end the madness and invest in a makeup organizer. I’d seen them at Home Goods and Burlington Coat Factory, but never knew what size to get or if it was absolutely necessary. I picked one up earlier this week from Burlington and I have to say I’m insanely happy with it. It’s chic and functional, and the fact that it’s clear not only helps it blend into any area it’s in, but keeps the focus on showing off your makeup.



IMG_20150129_203147115_HDRedI couldn’t find it on the Burlington Coat Factory website, but you will definitely find it in stores!

Now my most popular makeup items are at arm’s length and I don’t have to dig through or constantly look over and under things on my counter when I’m getting ready in the morning. I decided not to put my brushes in the organizer, and instead opted to use an old candle jar instead. It was easy to wash the wax out, and it still smells like vanilla! Everything is now displayed nicely, which I absolutely love!

xO K


Organizing Your Dorm- Dresser

Yes Mom you read that right, I’m writing a post about organization…I’m shocked too! It took three years and three different sized rooms to finally bring this down to a science, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. If you live in a college dorm room, or a tiny apartment, you can empathize with my lack of space and resources to work with. Many residence halls do not allow you to bring extra furniture, and with limited space it’s hard to decide what stays, what goes, and where everything should fit nicely. I used to have to keep all of my make-up in a cosmetic bag, my jewelery in single compartment box, and my perfume, lotion, hair supplies, and various other who-sits in the top drawer of my dresser. Needless to say that is no way for a girl to live! This year I got lucky with an amazing room so I had the ability to really space out my stuff and organize it in a way that makes me feel more at home.


I decided that all of my small bottles that can actually stand up (powder, perfume, lotion, make-up remover, dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner) can all fit into one basket. There’s really no need to separate those things, and they somehow fit perfectly in my case (which usually never happens)! At home, I’d separate my make-up by type (eyes, lips, face) but since I have limited space, I put everything together. By leaving the top of my dresser mostly bare, I can pull out the entire make-up basket and spread it out when I’m getting ready. Since I have that space to work with, there’s no need to separate everything just for storage. I used another basket for all of my nail polish and remover. Cotton balls were put from the packaging into a glass jar to save space.

This is the basket for the small bottles. It comes in a set of 7, and they’re the perfect height for dorm dressers. I also love the pattern!

The baskets for nail polish and make-up are basic plastic baskets, but you can be creative with them…I used a smaller size but you can really use anything that fits!

I know those of you who live on campus or in a small apartment probably want to pull your hair out because of your lack of space but don’t!! It’s actually more fun to figure out how to utilize your space and make it yours! Be creative, and don’t worry if you’re living out of boxes and you have things stacked under your bed that you’d never stack…that’s the beauty of the experience!

xO K