Getting Warmer!

Though my hearts only desire this spring is to be wearing summery floral clothing, the reality is that we are still feeling the remnants of this bitter winter. I find myself reaching for my fall fashion essentials, rather than the clothes I would normally veer towards. It doesn’t help that we had a minor blizzard here in State College last week; that really helps me put my fashion choices into perspective.

I do love how the sun is actually starting to feel warm, and how I’m seeing birds fly north. It’s the promise of what will hopefully be a very sunny few months. This Easter Sunday, we were lucky to have some gorgeous sunshine and temperatures in the high 60’s, and I took full advantage of the fact that I wouldn’t be shivering in just a sweater, without a coat!



Though it’s probably on its last leg because I’ve worn it into the ground, this white sweater is hands down my favorite sweater. It’s just so warm and comfy, and it’s legging friendly; I wish I had bought more than one when I found it!




I’ve been very into turban headwraps lately. I feel like they’re the perfect piece to polish an outfit, whether it’s casual for a quick run to the store, or the added touch for nights of bar-hopping. I’ve been slowly growing my collection, and I love that I can add color or dimension to a simple outfit just by wearing one. I anticipate them being a summer staple for me, especially because they help keep my hair in check on breezy days.


 Sweater – Abercrombie and Fitch (similar) | Headwrap – Forever21 | Sunnies – Rue21 (similar)
Boots – Bandolino | Leggings – LOFT | Crossbody – Coach

The boots I’m wearing are probably my favorite pair of boots on the planet. I bought them over Black Friday, but if you know me, you know that if it’s new and it’s beautiful I will probably never wear it in fear of ruining it. I [finally] pulled them out of the box last week, and have been wearing them all the time now. I managed to keep them safe from the salt and snow so I’m pretty happy that I waited!

I’m hoping to soon be able to put the boots and sweaters away for good. It’s about time for some sunshine!

xO K


The Pants

When I went to India this past winter, the first thing on my shopping list was patiala pants. You may know them as aladdin or a slightly baggy version of the popular harem pants, but they’re basically the same thing! I had seen various Bollywood celebrities rock these pants in their films or on the street, and I really wanted a pair of my own. I was lucky to find two pairs, one blue and one black, and boy can I say that they are absolute perfection. They feel as comfortable as pjs, have a drawstring close, and have this gorgeous gold detail print all over them that makes them really versatile. Since this Mother’s Day was absolutely beautiful, I decided to wear my black pair for the first time.





Shirt – American Eagle | Patiala Pants – Westside, Mumbai | Bangles – India

I decided to pair the pants with a pop of color, in this case a lacy pink sleeveless top. When deciding what to wear with these pants, I found that shorter tops worked better because they highlight the pleat detail at the top of the pants. Without seeing the seam where the pleats begin, you can’t really fully appreciate the style.

Chunky, colorful bangles added more pops of color and charm to the outfit, as well as a statement necklace. I find that when I wear pieces that I really love, I need to focus on my accessories to get the full effect I’m going for.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

xO K