DIY Metallic Gold Feathers

The last few weeks of silence are due to the fact that I moved from Delaware to Pennsylvania to start my second rotation. I decided to take some time off from blogging to focus on wrapping up loose ends at my last position and getting settled in at my new one. The weather has (finally) been getting better, and I have my fingers crossed that our days of negative temperatures and snow are behind us.

Moving into a new space always inspires me to begin crafting. There’s something about blank walls and surfaces that makes me want to create something. Since my latest obsession has been metallic gold accents on just about everything, I wanted to add a touch of it in my home decor. I’ve been meaning to try this project for months, but I finally got some time the other evening to actually do it.

There’s nothing complicated about this DIY, but that’s what I love about it. It takes a few minutes but can definitely add a little something to your space.

What you need:

-A pack of long white duck feathers, about 5″ to 9″ long
-Metallic gold acryllic paint
-Old candle jar or similar container
-Glitter (optional)

Choose the feathers that are somewhat symmetrical. They’ll look nicer when you paint them than ones that lean more to one side.

Take a thin paintbrush and dip it in your paint. Beginning at the center line of your feather, paint along the barbs of the feathers being sure to cover them completely. You’ll want to be gentle when painting because the tendrils tend to clump together when painted and you want them to stay separated.

I went down about 3/4 of an inch to an inch but you can paint as far along as you want. Allow them to dry for 10 minutes and then flip them over and do the other side.


IMG_20150310_203353732_HDReddIf you want to add glitter to your feathers, you’ll need to do it when the paint is still wet. I chose not to for this particular project because it wasn’t the look I was going for (and I didn’t feel like dealing with glitter getting everywhere) but glitter would definitely help make them pop!


Once the feathers are dry, you can put them in your jar, as you would for flower stems. There are so many other uses for these decorative feathers that I’m itching to try and I will definitely be sharing what I find!

Happy crafting!

xO K


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