Cozy Winter Casual

This week, the temperature dropped to the teens. That’s right, the teens. Thankfully the weather stayed warm last week when I was off work, and I could fully enjoy going out. This kind of temperature fluctuation definitely throws my outfits off, especially when it comes to the age old “will I need a jacket?” Fortunately, my jacket stayed in a closet for most of last week! The one thing I love about this time of year is the sweaters, whether they’re open knit or super bulky, and cold weather accessories. There’s nothing like a bulky sweater, infinity scarf, and riding boots to make an outfit perfect.


2015-01-04 15.56.43ed

2015-01-04 15.56.27edSweater – Forever21 | Beanie – Pac Sun (similar)

I bought this sweater at the beginning of the season and have completely worn it out since. It’ s so soft and cozy, and I love that it hangs lower in the front and back and higher on the sides; it’s perfect to wear with leggings. I also like that it’s not solid white or gray, but a little bit of both which allows me to mix and match it with just about everything. The beanie I’m wearing is more for fashion than function, but I like the strands of silver shimmer that make it pop. This outfit is definitely my go-to in cooler weather for running errands or meeting friends at the mall.

Fingers crossed that it warms up a bit this weekend!

xO K


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