Deck the Halls!

The countdown is now in the single digits! With 8 days to Christmas, I find myself getting more and more excited! I decorated my apartment a little too early (aka pre-Thanksgiving) but now I feel like it’s completely justified to be this festive! If you still haven’t picked up all your holiday home decor, I definitely suggest checking out Joann Fabrics, Christmas Tree Shops, and five below! I bought all of my decor from there and I absolutely love all of it!

IMG_20141216_172006317edGold Tree – Joann

Collage2Be Merry – JoAnn | Bells Door Hanger – JoAnn | Green Tree – Christmas Tree Shops

If you want an easy decorating idea, throw some ornaments into a vase or basket! It’ll help you show off the ornaments that didn’t quite make it to your tree, and add little pops of color around your home!

IMG_20141216_144738168edOrnaments – JoAnn



IMG_20141216_144816365_HDRedBasket – Thrifted | Cinnamon Scented Pinecones – Bed Bath and Beyond

Another quick way to add some holiday cheer to your home is switching out your summery fake flowers for something a little more festive!

IMG_20141204_151026333_HDRedVase – IKEA | Festive arrangement – JoAnn

IMG_20141216_144610184_HDRedOrnaments – fivebelow

I think my favorite part of all of the decorations was my tree. I grew up with a tree that was part of the family way before I was, and to buy my own tree for the first time was pretty magical. I love that I found ornaments that were PERFECT for me and wrapped all my presents earlier than ever before, and the entire thing just makes me so happy to look at when I’m home.

I hope you enjoy decking and trimming your halls!

xO K

(P.S. This was post #100!!!!)


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