Black Lace and Boat Shoes

It’s funny how drastically my wardrobe changed once I began working. It’s not that I walked around in crop tops and miniskirts all day but I definitely dressed pretty casually. Long gone are days of wearing sweatpants and cut up t-shirts, lying in bed with Netflix. Though I still desperately miss Netflix during the day, I do have to say that I love dressing up for work. I hate to admit it but in college, there were some days when I didn’t even look in the mirror. I had maybe one class scheduled for a day, so I didn’t really care about getting myself semi put together, let alone all prettied up. It is really nice to match my outfits, wear jewelry, and do my hair and make-up on a daily basis. I might change my tune once it’s cold outside and I just want to cuddle up in fleece all day, but for now this is definitely a nice change of pace!

Since I work in a lab, I have certain restrictions on what I can wear. No skirts, crops, or dresses, and I have to wear safety shoes instead of pumps or flats. It’s fun working around the restrictions and still staying fashionable enough; I mean there are days when my outfit would be perfectly polished with a pair of black patent leather pumps but hey, the safety shoes are cute enough to make it work!

Another weird transition is what I buy when I go shopping. My predominant requirement to look for is something I can wear at work, and still wear in a casual setting. It’s weird to not immediately run to the maxi skirt or crop top racks and instead focus on more conservative professional clothing. I love shopping for work; if you look in the right places, you can find adorable blouses that can definitely be worn in multiple settings. With that being said, I went shopping splurging last week and bought a bunch of stuff that I could not wait to wear this week.




Blouse – Forever21 | Pants – LOFT | Safety Shoes – Rockport

My cousin was visiting last week and we both fell in love with this shirt at Forever21. For years, we’ve wanted to buy matching shirts, and we were really happy that we finally found what we’d been looking for! I love the black lace detail and the overall quality of the shirt. I’m a little skeptical when it comes to buying work clothes at Forever because a lot of their shirts are too sheer to be appropriate. This was definitely a pleasant surprise! The ankle pants from LOFT fit so well, and are really comfortable. This outfit definitely falls under the above-mentioned category of “would look perfectly polished with a pair of black patent leather pumps” and the safety boat shoes definitely take a little getting used to. Luckily they’re fun and comfy, so when I think about my outfits I just pretend they match too!

xO K


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