Preparing for Graduation!

My college graduation is next week. I can’t believe I just said that. Four years of late nights, making friends, caffeine overdoses, tears, laughter and so much more that can’t be encompassed in a blog post are coming to an end. It’s terrifying and oddly liberating at the same time. When celebrating the completion of our final capstone paper, a friend mentioned to me that I should write a post on how to prepare for the big day. Here are my tips on how to prepare for your graduation, whether it’s high school, college, or grad school!

1. Practice wearing your shoes- This is important for girls as well as guys! Ladies, if you’re going to be wearing heels, especially a new pair, make sure you break them in ahead of time. Just wear them around the house while you do your daily activities! You’ll be walking up on stage, and you do not want to pull a Miss Congeniality when you’re trying to be poised and confident up there! Guys, same goes for you! Though you won’t be wearing heels, your new dress shoes will be uncomfortable to wear for a few hours at a time, so make sure you break them in!

2. Wear waterproof make-up- This is another biggie! If you’re like me, you’ll be holding back tears the entire time (especially the end), and you don’t want mascara running down your face when it’s time to be the focus of everyone’s cameras!

3. Accessorize despite the gown- Though the graduation gown covers your entire outfit, you will be taking it off after for pictures. You want to make sure that you’re dressing appropriately, and you’ve accessorized even if it won’t be seen during the actual ceremony!

4. Let your friends and family know exactly where you’ll be- Most schools inform you exactly where you need to be seated, based on your major. Don’t forget to let your guests know where you’ll be so they can grab seats and take great photos. Remember, it’s not just your dayMake sure that your loved ones can get the best experience as they celebrate your accomplishments!

5. Find out who will be reading your name- This is important for those of you (like me) who have names that may be a bit difficult to pronounce. Chances are someone will be recording you receiving your diploma, and you don’t want your mispronounced name to be recorded for history! Most schools divide the name list by major, or college, so ask around and make sure that you let people know how to say your name correctly.


For those of you who are also in the Class of 2014, I would like to say congratulations! You deserve to be celebrated on your graduation day!

xO K



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