DC Lovin’

This post is super delayed (you won’t know this unless you’ve been on my Instagram account) but it’s here! Last weekend, S and I went on a spontaneous school trip to King’s Dominon, Virginia and Washington DC. We were insanely lucky to have gorgeous 80 degree weather and sunny blue skies, and we had a blast! We took full advantage of the minimal crowd at King’s Dominion, and loved that there were absolutely no lines to get on rides, even for rollercoasters.

DC was especially nice because we’ve recently become addicted to Scandal (for those of you who don’t watch it, DO IT NOW!). We had so much fun walking between monuments and figuring out where certain scenes on the show take place…and looking everywhere in hopes of catching them filming their next season! Unfortunately we weren’t able to see any of our favorite celebrities, but we did enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms, and the majesty of each monument!



Here’s a glimpse of the outfit I wore in DC. About 10 minutes after we got off the bus I immediately regretted not wearing shorts, but these jeggings are loose enough (kind of an oxymoron) that I was still comfortable.



Shirt- Ann Taylor | Necklace- Odel | Wristband- Lindsey Stirling Concert

The best part about this trip was that it was so spontaneous. One week before we left, we were just walking to the elevator and saw a sign advertising the trip, and within half an hour we already had tickets! That’s one thing I love about college, and probably the thing I’ll miss the most…the spontaneity of just about everything.

xO K


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