Spring Pinks

This Spring I’m starting to really embrace my favorite color in my accesories and beauty choices. I find it funny that even though just about everything I own is pink in some way, shape, or form, this rule does not apply to my wardrobe. I only have a couple of pink items in my closet, so hopefully I can change that up soon!

pink edd

The Victoria’s Secret Chiffon Peony Freesia body mist is an amazing floral scent and is perfect for this season. Unfortunately it has been discontinued, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll find its way back to shelves soon.

The lipstick, which I reviewed here, is also perfect for Spring. It’s a warm, matte pink and it is extremely smooth when applied.

I had been looking for a journal to use for blog planning, and I came across the “Dream Beautiful Dreams” one in fivebelow. Needless to say I fell in love instantly.

S and I needed new shades when we went on vacation over Spring Break, and we found matching ones at Payless (similar here). I love the hot pink rims and I think they’re the perfect daily splash of color for any sunny day.

The earrings are from my day of splurging at Laila Rowe, and I think they’re adorable.

The Essie glitter polish in “A Cut Above” adds pink glitter to any manicure. Can it get any better?

Last but not least, the Kenneth Cole wristlet/wallet is not only extremely functional to fit my credit cards, cash, and cell phone, but it’s pink which makes it a million times better. I think its best feature is that the wrist strap is built onto the wallet, and doesn’t have a clasp. I’m loving that I can fit everything I need for a night out into this baby and dangle it off my wrist without worrying about the clasp opening up.

Are you focusing your Spring accessories around a specific color, or are you switching it up?

xO K


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