Queen Elsa Inspired Eye Look!

I want to start this post off by saying that if you haven’t seen the movie Frozen, go watch it NOW. There are so many reasons why Disney did an amazing job with this movie, and if I start listing them off now, I’ll never get to the actual eye tutorial! This tutorial was inspired by Queen Elsa, one of the main characters in the movie. Without giving you any spoilers, I’ll say that Elsa’s look changed over the course of the movie, and I thought her makeup was perfect for the color scheme of her outfit. They contrasted the pale blues and whites of her gown with fuchsia and purple and I think it looked quite fitting for the empowered queen.

This is Queen Elsa, with her sassy face:


 photo source

If you want eyes like Queen Elsa, follow this tutorial!


You start by applying Lancome eyeshadow in “Fuchsia” to your entire lid. I love this quad from Lancome because the colors are highly pigmented and work well together and when mixed with other palettes. This color is the perfect fuchsia base, and since my skin tone is darker than Elsa’s, I have to work with a darker and warmer pink to get the same color payoff as she did.



You then take Stila eyeshadow in “soft violet” (second color from the right) and apply it to the bottom half of your lid. I thought this was an interesting look because I usually never divide my lid in half horizontally; I usually divide the shades vertically with the lighter color on the inner half of my lid. Elsa has a deep purple shade above her lash line, and it fades into the fuchsia by her brow bone. When you’re applying this color, keep in mind that it is also highly pigmented and be sure to swipe it across and make sure the color reaches the end of your lash line. It is okay to have more fuchsia near your tear duct but you want the darker purple to extend to the end of your eyelid.

Finish with black eye liner along your top lash line and water line, and a coat of Buxom mascara and you’re off to go be an ice queen!

xO K


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