Burgundy Leather Jacket

Today was another BEAUTIFUL day. Can you tell how happy I am? After weeks and weeks of temperatures in the single digits and the tons of ice and snow that has fallen and accumulated practically everywhere I’m so happy to walk outside and be warm. This winter was a rough one, and you can actually see everyone’s spirits lifted with the improvement in weather.


Jacket- Forever21 | Leggings- LOFT | Shirt- H&M

When I received it as a gift I was skeptical about the color, and the fleece trimmed collar. After I started wearing it, I realized that the jacket is comfortable and keeps me warm enough for spring weather. It also fits well, and the cut is tapered to enhance your figure, which some leather jackets don’t do. I found that the jacket can be paired with just about style of clothing, dresses, skirts, and jeans. The only thing to be careful about if you’re wearing a burgundy colored jacket is to make sure you aren’t wearing too much red. Try not to wear a bright red shirt underneath because it will take away from the color of the jacket.

If you ever buy or receive a piece of clothing that you’re skeptical about, don’t just hang it in your closet and forget about it. You can almost always make something work, so don’t be afraid to try a new style. I have been waiting a long time to wear this jacket again. It has been too cold for anything other than my winter coat so I was happy to be able to wear it today. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t even need a jacket (I’m being way too optimistic aren’t I?)

xO K


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