Roadtrip Essentials!

Spring break is around the corner, and to cap off our senior year the right way, a group of friends and I are going on a road trip! We are super excited because it will be our first road trip without the parentals, and we’ll be leaving the frozen tundra of New Jersey for a warm sunny place. Now if you’re planning a road trip with your friends, it’s important to pack the right things to make it the most fun experience it can possibly be. Car rides can be long, and if not well equipped, you can get bored and snippy in a couple of hours.

So what do you absolutely need to have a blast on that road trip?

1. Music- yes I know this one is pretty obvious, but you can’t just plug anyone’s iPod in and expect to have a good time. Make a playlist specifically for your trip, with songs that everyone will like. Singing along will be that much more fun.

2. A book- it’s going to get quiet after some time, the driver will want to focus on driving, and the girl next to you will decide to take a nap. Take a book with you so you can stay quiet and enjoy yourself.

3. Magazines- pack at least one magazine with you. Why, you may ask, since I already recommended a book? Because halfway through that trip you’re going to be too fed up to focus on the book, and you’ll want to do something mindless that you can read and pass around. “OMG they’re dating again! Check it out!” you’re welcome.

4. Food- coming from someone who constantly finds herself hungry, make sure you pack food. Stopping for meals will be a must on a long road trip, but the best part of the experience is getting some junk food that you can pass around and regret eating together.

5. Water- getting water bottles at rest areas will end up being a total waste of money in the long run. Pack a 24-pack of water bottles, so you never run out and you save $$.

T-1 week till we’re off on our adventure!

xO K


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