The Best Day of the Year!

My birthday, a.k.a. the “best day of the year” was this past weekend, and it really was the best day of the year. People sometimes laugh and tell me that as I get older I’ll start hating my birthday and I’ll take back all of my excitement and enthusiasm, but I totally disagree. You can’t stop time, and you can’t prevent yourself from getting old, so why not celebrate it? I was really lucky to spend my four day weekend with my best friends, boyfriend and family. I saw the Lego Movie (which is a must see, it was so good!), spent hours playing a new boardgame, spent a night partying, ate lots of cake and cannolis, tried Sri Lankan food for the first time, watched the Oscar’s, spontaneously crammed 10 people into a tiny falafel place for dinner, and so much more. It was definitely a birthday to remember.

I apologize for the photo quality, but here’s a glimpse of the outfit I wore on my night out!



As you can tell, it was a good birthday for food. I think it’s time to hit the gym.

xO K


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