Organizing Your Dorm- Bathroom

If you live in a college dorm and have your own bathroom, you know exactly what I mean when I say it ain’t pretty. Unless you live in a relatively new building, chances are your bathroom has cracks, weird stains on the walls and an ugly old shower curtain that a million people have used before you. There isn’t enough storage and there aren’t enough hooks for all of the stuff you normally hang at home. It took three years but we finally perfected organizing our dorm bathroom, and now it feels just like home!


We found this super cute shower curtain at Walmart, and it instantly brightened up our bathroom’s boring color scheme. The shower caddy, from Bed Bath and Beyond was originally used when we lived in a suite with a common bathroom. When we moved into a room with an attached bathroom, we decided to use it as stationary storage for all our shower needs.


We found the perfect matching shower curtain rings and hooks for our loofahs and shower caps. These 3M Command hooks are perfect because they’re made for college dorms and are removable without leaving a trace behind. We were able to hang them right by the shower for easy access.

It only took a few added touches to make this bathroom feel inviting and homey, and we had a blast putting it all together!

xO K


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