Off the Shoulder!

It is finally warming up around here…you know you’re desperate when your idea of “warm” is 40 degrees *sigh. Nevertheless, I’m taking full advantage of the lack of necessity for scarves, gloves and leg warmers. My shoulders have been dying to see the sun, so yesterday I decided to wear one of my favorite baggy sweatshirts off the shoulder, and pair it with a tank top that never gets to see the sun. I always wondered how to best wear crochet or lace back tank tops because unless you wear them alone, no one ever gets to see the back! I was staring at my closet trying to put an outfit together when I realized that a crochet back tank top would look perfect with an off the shoulder top. The crochet part shows from the back, and since the top is so baggy, the tank top dresses it up a bit. The thing I love about this sweatshirt is that it doesn’t have to be worn off the shoulder. It’s cut to sit on your shoulders, so I can wear it just about any way I want to!


My top is from Aerie, you can find a similar one here (in “True Navy”).

My necklace is from Aeropostale, and you can wear just about any dangling charm necklace with this outfit.

My beret is from PacSun, you can find a very similar one here.

The reason I chose to wear a long necklace is because it brings the focus down away from the shoulders and neck. There would just be “too much going on up there” if you wore a short statement necklace as opposed to a long dangling one. I wore the beret for fun, but I loved how the shimmer complimented the crochet back of the tank top.

The super cute background was made by my insanely talented RA.

xO K


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