How to Style Front Bangs!

Ever since I got back from India, I had this strong urge to drastically change my hair up. I had to keep the urge under wraps because senior portraits were scheduled for early February, but once those were done I ran straight to the salon! I really wanted to try out front bangs because they’re cute and give your face a totally different shape. I also got a couple of inches off, and I got my angles redone.

So! The big question after my exciting haircut was: “Okay, how am I ever going to style these by myself?!” Luckily it wasn’t too hard to master, and they’ve been a breeze to style and set on days I wash my hair. They also stay put and don’t curl up when I sleep so I only have to style them once! I’m considering trimming them soon and continuing the look indefinitely, because I have gotten quite a few compliments on the new look!

To style your bangs, you’ll need the following tools:


From left to right: a round hairbrush, a comb, and your hair dryer. (Everything being pink is totally a coincidence)


1. Thoroughly comb through your hair, and apply whatever serum or leave-in conditioner you normally use.

2. Starting from your temple, separate your bangs from the rest of your hair, combing your hair back. It’s easier to start on the side if you have a sharp angle like I do, because your bangs sometimes get lost in the shorter hair on the side.

3. Working your way to the back, separate your bangs from your hair, pushing your hair back. Don’t worry about parting your hair just yet, you can save that for after you blow dry your bangs.

4. Using a round brush, lift your bangs and blow dry them around the brush, rolling it down as you blow dry. I suggest doing this for at least 30 seconds so you know your bangs are fully dry. When you release your bangs, gently brush them them down over your forehead.

Part the rest of your hair and style it the way you want.

This is what your bangs should look like when you’re all done!


xO K


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