Nadiad, Gujarat

Towards the end of our trip, we visited my mom’s family in Nadiad, Gujarat. My grandmother grew up in Nadiad, and my mom was born there but was raised in Mumbai. The last time I was in India, we visited Nadiad for a couple of days and met our family. This time was very different because I was so much more aware of what was happening, and everyone looked so different to me. I’m sure they felt the same way…I was only a little girl when they last saw me! We spent our evening at the bungalow where my grandmother grew up, and all of our extended family travelled to meet us. It was a very warm reunion, and everyone was able to catch up after such a long time.

India Trip 1408ed

My cousin and I had a fake fight over this tray of jalebis. Have you ever had a jalebi? If yes, then you know exactly why we were fake fighting…yum.

I asked my uncle to give us a tour of the bungalow, and because he is awesome, he agreed! We climbed up to the terrace, which I had heard many stories about. When my mom was little, she and all her cousins would sleep out on the terrace at night whenever they visited Nadiad. Can you imagine a sleepover under the stars?

Before leaving for our next destination, we had lunch with the entire family. Since we were in Nadiad the day before the kite flying festival, my uncle wanted to give us a taste of how much fun we were going to have the next day. We climbed up to the terrace again and he showed us how to set up a kite. The kites used for this festival come separately from the rolls of string, called phirkis, and you need to tie them together every time you want to fly a new kite. My brother, cousins and I took turns flying the kite my uncle put up in the sky, and it was exhilarating to say the least.


My uncle and aunt showed us how to prepare the kites for flight!


This is the terrace where we flew kites, and where my mom had sleepovers years ago.


This was one of our kites in the sky!

This post is dedicated to my aunt and uncle for the amazing time I had with them in Nadiad. I miss you and cannot wait to come back.

xO K


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