Shopping in Mumbai

Arguably the most exciting part about being in Mumbai was the shopping. Our second day in Mumbai was completely allocated for shopping (I know, only one day), and we literally shopped till we dropped. I decided not to wear jewelery that day because I knew I would find some amazing stuff once we started shopping, and I was right! I ended up taking these pieces straight out of the packaging and putting them on as the day went along.


My shirt is from Charlotte Russe, you can find a similar one here. This is one of my favorite shirts because of how flowy and comfortable it is. I love the crochet detail in the front, which makes it versatile for casual and going-out wear.

My pants are from Uniqlo. I had been looking for the perfect pair of red pants before I found these right before we left for India. They’re really comfortable, and understandably sold out, so definitely keep a lookout!


My bangles are from one of the markets we went to, they’re made from cloth which makes them unique and super cute.

My necklace (and arguably my most prized purchase from the trip) is from a street vendor. The best thing about the necklace is that it can be worn with just about anything, and it’s the perfect statement necklace for a night out.

I’m wearing a piece of jewelery called a baaju band on my arm. I saw it at the market and fell in love, I think it’s the perfect piece to wear with sleeveless tops, and it can also be worn with traditional outfits.

xO K


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