Juhu Beach- First Day in Mumbai

My family and I went to India for three weeks during this winter break. We were in Mumbai for the first few days, and then we travelled to Gujarat for my cousin’s wedding. After the wedding, we went sightseeing in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur, and ventured back to Gujarat for Uttrayan, which is a kite flying festival. This vacation definitely topped any vacation I’ve ever been on, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Going on vacation with my cousins definitely made the experience better because we were able to share all the fun times together.

On our first day in Mumbai, we decided to visit Juhu beach. The last time I was in Mumbai, or India for that matter was 10 years ago in 2003, and I don’t remember much of it. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the last decade! My mom grew up in Mumbai, and she lived within walking distance from Juhu beach, and I especially wanted to visit a place I had heard so much about!


The place was packed, but we walked along the shore for a bit, taking it all in. It was beautiful to say the least. There were peanut and coconut vendors along the beach, and kids were flying kites everywhere. It was awesome to be able to go to the beach the day after Christmas! We decided to stop to drink water straight out of a coconut…yum. Nothing beats fresh coconut water, let me tell you that.


A glimpse of my outfit:


My shoes are from Macy’s (and they’re superrr comfy), you can find a similar pair here.

My shirt is the baby blue version of the shirt I wore here.

My scarf is from American Eagle, and I’m so happy with how well it worked with the outfit.

That first day in Mumbai was the perfect start to an amazing vacation!

xO K


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