Autumn Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is one of those timeless looks that will most likely be around for a long time. Though it’s a bold look that can seem challenging to pull off, if worn the right way red lipstick can look elegant, sexy, and beautiful. One of my favorite red lipstick shades for the time being has to be Victoria’s Secret Color Drama Lipstick in “Unpredictable”. I bought it this summer, and I was aching to finally be able to wear it on a regular basis. Because of the warm undertones, it’s been great for this season. Other than leaving lipstick stains on the mouths of my pumpkin spice lattes , it’s been the perfect transition lip color between summer and winter.


Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret stopped selling this color literally about a month after I bought it. I contacted them, and they said they don’t know if/when they’ll bring it back. *tear.

It’s important to remember to keep the rest of your make-up subtle when wearing a bold lip, red or not. Unless you’re on the runway (and trust me, sometimes it doesn’t work there either), wearing a smokey eye with red lipstick is too much. Try to keep your eye make-up to a minimum when wearing a bold lip- opt for neutral tones and a little bit of eye liner and mascara.

Don’t be nervous to wear a red lip. You may think it’s too bold, but that’s because you’re not used to how it looks on you. If you want to get used to the color, apply it on a lazy day when you aren’t planning on seeing anyone. This way you aren’t self-conscious when you’re out and about.

xO K


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