Ring Obsession

My current accessory obsession has definitely got to be rings. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I’ve gone ring crazy but I seriously find myself gravitating towards them whenever I go shopping, whether online or in stores. I went shopping this weekend and I bought four rings, which totally made my weekend.

The new style I’ve been seeing just about everywhere are midi rings. They sit right on your middle phalange (yes I’m allowed to be nerdy, my boyfriend’s a pre-med), and they add the perfect touch to any outfit. I used to see pictures of them online and wonder how they don’t just fall off your finger. The best way to answer my own question was to invest in some midi rings (like I needed a reason). The verdict? They don’t fall off. And they look great.


The midi rings and heart knot ring are all from Forever21. Since I wasn’t sure how the midi rings would work I wanted to buy the cheapest ones I could. Since I know these will wear out soon, I will probably invest in these from francesca’s. The best part about these midi rings is that I can wear them as pinky rings too. I’m also planning on snagging this baby before it sells out!

xO K


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