Dresser Tops

I always find it hard to keep the top of my dresser clean. The way my dorm is set up, the dresser is right next to the door which means keys, IDs, and other random junk always gets plopped onto the top of my dresser. I like having my jewelry accessible; I can get away with keeping my make-up in my top drawer, but if I can’t actually see my jewelry, I won’t remember to wear certain pieces. Since my space is limited, I also have no where to put my picture frames, other than my dresser.


The butterfly jewelry organizer from five below has got to be one of the best investments I made for my college dorm. For the last two years I used it as kind of a messenger board, with pictures tucked into the grooves. This year I decided to see how it worked as a jewelry organizer, and it’s perfect. It’s also pinned to the wall so it saves the limited counter space I have. Unfortunately I can’t find the exact one, but here‘s a similar one!

The two green jewelry boxes were gifts from a friend. They’re really pretty, but I could never figure out what to put in them. I decided to use the smaller one to hold my studs, and the larger one for rings (remember the ring obsession?). This way I have all my studs in one tiny little place so I can grab them before I run to class. I’m looking for the right ring holder, but for now the green box works really well.

The purple lotus bowl is supposed to be a tea light holder, but in my opinion it’s also great at holding my bobby pins. It keeps them accessible and adds color to my dresser. Using decorative bowls to hold your jewelry is a great way to add texture to a surface, and to utilize something you probably already have lying around.

That Kiehl’s Hand Salve deserves a blog post of its own. It’s seriously the most moisturizing hand cream I have ever used, and it smells really good. I keep it at the top of my dresser so I can use some right before I head out the door!

How do you organize the top of your dresser?

xO K


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