Mall Date!

My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our second anniversary. It’s amazing how time flies.  Upon his suggestion, we decided to spend the day shopping at a nearby mall, and then go out for a nice anniversary dinner. It’s times like this when I’m reminded of how much he loves me, because he does not like shopping one bit!

Of course the first question that popped into my head when we finalized our plans was “What am I going to wear?!”. I mean, how do you dress for a mall date? Since we were planning on going out for dinner after we shopped, I couldn’t dress too casually, but I also couldn’t get too dressed up because we were only going shopping. My solution: using colors and textures to make my outfit fit for both.


Wearing a cobalt blue cardigan, as opposed to another color made it look more formal; the pop of a royal color gave the outfit more while not making it too casual. Because the cardigan style is long and loose, wearing a different color could make it more casual.

Wearing flat brown combat boots instead of my heeled black leather boots made the outfit more casual. Black shoes are automatically associated with dressing up, as is the same with heels. These boots kept the outfit comfortable and casual.

The lace tank top made the outfit more formal, while the fact that it was white made it more casual. A black lace top would’ve definitely pushed the oufit towards formal.

The statement necklace also dressed the outfit up. It’s important to remember how much jewelery makes or breaks an outfit!

xO K


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