CG Classic Color Blush Review

I’ve been trying to find a good drugstore blush for a while now. I use Bare Minerals in “Golden Gate” for nice events and it is pretty pricey, so I definitely needed something on the less expensive side.

About a year ago I bought Maybelline Fit me! blush in “Deep Coral”. I have to say, it was terrible! It was not pigmented at all, so I had to keep layering it on to even see a bit of color. I generally don’t wear much make-up on my face to begin with, so having all of that blush layered on just felt too heavy. As you can see in the picture, I finally got it down to where it’s almost empty but that’s also mostly because I end up using a lot every time I wear it.

Since I finally got through the Maybelline compact, I decided it was time to go back on the hunt. I went to Harmon today and picked up Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in “Iced Plum”. I was itching to try it on and I have to say, it was definitely a good buy. It’s really pigmented, and I think the shade is perfect for my skin. It’s definitely a good drugstore alternative to the Bare Minerals blush. I’ve never really tried Cover Girl products before, and I’m seriously impressed with the way this looks. The compact is cute too which is an added bonus.


Clockwise from top: Maybelline Fit me! blush in “Deep Coral”, Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in “Iced Plum”, Bare Minerals blush in “Golden Gate”.


I promise I don’t slap on blush like this for every day wear. I just wanted to show you how it looked, I promise.

Have you had any experience with these blush brands? What’s your favorite drugstore blush?

xO K


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