Straight from Bikini Bottom!

Happy November! This Halloween, we were lucky to have gorgeous weather! I kind of wish I was a kid again because trick or treating must’ve been so much fun without requiring a jacket. Sigh, even though I couldn’t go door to door for candy, I still had an AMAZING time on my last Halloween as a college kid. S and I decided to dress up as the most classic of best friends, Spongebob and Patrick. Our costumes came out great, if-I-may-say-so-myself. They were so simple, and that’s what made them even better. Here’s a glimpse!


My costume required: a yellow tank top, a brown skirt, a clip-on tie, tube socks, and black Vans.

S’s costume required: a pink polo, leggings, pink tube socks, and Pink Converse. She made the Patrick Star skirt, which I think looks fab.

It’s nights like Thursday night that remind me how much I’ll miss college when it’s over. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my last college Halloween, or better people to spend it with.

xO K


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