Pastels in the Fall

This post was inspired by a very good friend asking me how to wear a “springy” dress in the Fall. It’s hard to figure out the line in your closet that separates clothes by season, especially because the weather fluctuates SO much in the Spring and Fall. Being in college also means we don’t have an endless budget for clothing (sigh). It’s nice to be able to use a bunch of staple pieces in your wardrobe all year, instead of having to have a different wardrobe every season.

So! Here is a post I wrote about this very same dress earlier this year. I wore it in the spring with light pantyhose, a blazer, and flats. It made sense because it was a pastel blue sundress right? Well even though it’s cold outside, this dress can still look amazing!

My tips on wearing pastels in the fall?

-Wear patterned tights underneath. It’s important to add texture the outfit because you’d normally wear it without tights, and solid black tights can look like too bold a contrast.

-Wear a boyfriend cardigan. I’ve worn this dress with the cardigan pictured below, and again with a regular length black cardigan, and I have to say this looked a lot better. The boyfriend length keeps the outfit casual and makes it look comfy and perfect for cold weather.

-Boots are a must! It’s difficult to wear pastels and flats, because they bring you closer to summer than winter. Boots are a fall/winter staple, and in order to make your summery dress feel right at home, you need to wear them together.


My cardigan is from American Eagle. I don’t remember where my tights are from but you can find similar ones here.

Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. As long as you keep weather and seasonal trends in mind, ANYTHING can be worn “out of season”. The cardigan, tights and boots I wore in this outfit were more for the weather than for actually making the dress look in-season. If you just accessorize properly for the cold, you’ll make your outfit work for you.

xO K


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