Sapphire Eyeliner!

Yes you read that right, Sapphire Eyeliner! When I saw the color on the packaging I was a bit skeptical. I’ve noticed that many color eyeliners look too dark to actually tell what color they are, so I figured it would be the same with this one. Welllllll, I was absolutely wrong; the color was absolutely beautiful! They say that blue eye-makeup accentuates brown eyes, so that was another plus to the arsenal of reasons why this eyeliner is perfect.


I was luckily able to wear it for Garba which calls for bright colors in clothing AND make-up. This is the look I wore to Garba one night; I was lucky because every outfit I have for Garba has blue in it so I always found an excuse to wear this liner!

I’m wearing Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Sapphire Strength, Urban Decay “Sin” on the inner half of my lid, Urban Decay “Shattered” on the outer half, and Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in “Bold Gold” along my brow line and near my tearduct. I finished the look with Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara.

I am in love with this liner. It glides on really well, and though I’m not sure about the 24-hr wear that it claims, it did last through 6 hours of Garba (to put what I’m trying to say in perspective, imagine doing 6 hours on an elliptical wearing this eyeliner). I think the shade is perfect too-  the sapphire is light enough that it looks blue, but still holds the jewel tones without looking too light. I honestly think that without the wing and eyeshadow, this can be a daily look, especially for the fall.

xO K


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