Navratri has to be one of my FAVORITE times of the year. For those of you who don’t know what Navratri is, to keep it short, it’s a nine day religious celebration that involves nights full of dancing, traditional outfits, and bright colors. In Gujrat, India, it’s celebrated on nine consecutive nights (I hope that one year I’ll be in India during this time), but here it’s celebrated over three weekends. Garba is a kind of folk dance that is performed during Navratri, and of course, with every style of dance comes its own clothing style!

Normally when you go to garba, you wear a chaniya choli (if you’re a girl). The dress consists of three pieces: a blouse, a choli (a long flowy skirt that looks really pretty when you spin), and an odhni, which is a piece of cloth that is pleated a certain way and wrapped around the outfit.


This is the outfit I wore last Friday when I went to Garba with my friends. As you can see, the blouse and choli are connected with the hot pink odhni which pleats on my right shoulder and is pinned across the front, and wrapped around the back.


Bangles are ALWAYS part of the Garba outfit, and I always try to match my bangles with my dress. It’s important not to overdo it and wear too many, but if you keep the bangle width under 2 inches, you’re good to go!

I’ve been going to Garba with my friends since I was in middle school, and with my family before then. I love to dance, and though it’s a strenuous workout, it’s so worth it. So many different people come together for the same purpose, and you always make new friends every year you go. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely worth the experience.

I’m a little sad that this past weekend marked the end of Navratri 2013 in my area, but I absolutely cannot wait till next year!

xO K


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