Rosy Cheeks

Last weekend when I visited home,  I decided to pamper myself a little bit. I used to put on face masks pretty regularly in high school to exfoliate and invigorate my skin. Since college began I’ve rarely taken the time to do this, and I really want to start again. I was looking through my bathroom closet for my usual product and found a new one that my mom bought recently. It looked pretty good so I decided to give it a shot!  The product is Ayur Rose Face Pack, and I have to say I really loved it!

I generally use “Hesh Multani Mati” which is an herbal face mask (found at the Indian store) that has loads of benefits for your face. It helps reduce acne and blemishes, eliminates dead skin cells, cools your skin, removes black heads and more. The mask comes in powder form which you can mix with water, or if you’re trying to be fancy, rose water (and since I’m totally fancy I use rose water). Apply, wait till it dries, and rinse off. The best part is waiting for it to dry…once you realize that smiling hurts you know it’s time to take it off.

Seeing as those are the rules for my usual mask, I decided to apply them to the new one as well. I made it thinner than I would’ve liked but that could’ve been remedied by adding more powder. The best part about the Rose Face Pack (unlike the multani mati) is that it has ground rose petals mixed in with the other herbs and mud base. This made it feel 10 times better because I felt like it was really exfoliating my face without any artificial exfoliating beads like those found in face scrubs. It also smelled amazing! I definitely think I’ll use this one again, and maybe even mix it with my old mask to get the added benefits of both!

This is what the box and mask powder look like:


What kind of face masks do you use?

xO K


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