Holding onto Summer

It’s my last first week of school, and I’m trying to do it right this year. By “do it right” I mean put off wearing sweatpants as loooong as possible. Unfortunately it’s starting to get chilly…I mean what a sign. School starts, and the world turns cold, inevitable right? Even though I’m trying to hold on to summer as long as possible, I’ll die of frostbite if I don’t start adjusting to the weather. I decided to compromise today and wear a shirt over my sundress for an added layer.

dress and shirt collage

My dress is from Forever21, you can find a similar one here.

My shirt is from American Eagle, you can find a similar one here.

My sandals are from delia’s, you can find similar pairs here, and here.

In a couple of weeks I’ll have to swap out the shirt for a light jacket, the sandals for flats or booties, and my bare legs for tights, but for now I think the outfit is the perfect way for me to compromise with the weather. I don’t think this outfit will work with just any dress. I love the one I’m wearing because I can dress it up or wear it casual…it’s pretty versatile. If you wear a shirt like that with a more elegant dress the look might not pull together properly. The outfit is supposed to be baggy and comfortable yet chic, so wearing a fancy dress might throw off that look. But hey, it could work!

xO K


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