Day in Princeton!

Hello lovely readers! Last Friday my brother and I ventured to Princeton for the afternoon. I had heard so much about the shopping, food, and overall charm of Princeton, and since it was a gorgeous day we decided to check it out for ourselves. The verdict? It was wonderful! We browsed through some of the shops, visited the Princeton fountain, and walked the campus. It was so pretty there, and we’re already planning our next trip back. It was a lot of fun spending time with my brother since I’ll be going back to school soon…we rarely do these trips alone so I’m looking forward to planning more in the future!

Here’s a glimpse of the outfit I wore that day:

princeton collage

My shorts are from American Eagle, you can find them here.

My shoes are from Macy’s, you can find a similar pair here.

My bangles are from India, you can find similar ones here.

My rings are from Forever21, you can find similar ones here and here.

And of course, my drink of choice was Starbucks Tazo Organic Chai with steamed milk…mmmm.

Want to know a little secret? That shirt is from India. Yupp, you can’t even tell. I love how I can wear it as a normal shirt and it doesn’t look traditional at all; the material is light and flowy so it’s perfect for summer weather. Unfortunately I could not find a similar blouse online to do this one justice, but I’m sure you can find one just about anywhere you look!

xO K


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