Frutti Petutie Summer Manicure

One of my favorite summer nail colors is hot pink. Though hot pink nails are louder than the pastels that have been popular this summer, I always need to paint my nails hot pink at least once during the summer months. They remind me of watermelon, bikinis and tropical weather…after all, what else is summer about?!

I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color in Frutti Petutie. You can find it here, and here.


I’ve noticed that Sally Hansen is starting to use flat polish brushes instead of the usual round ones. They really help to achieve full coverage and cut application time in half. The Complete Salon Manicure line claims that each bottle has every step of a manicure: base coat, strengthener, top coat, gel finish, etc.. The nail polish is thicker than that of other brands, and I found that it really does have the quality the bottle proudly boasts. My manicure lasted longer than usual and it looked like it was professionally done.

Happy August!!

xO K


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