My mom and I have been looking for activities we could do together, since this is the first summer I’m not interning. We recently joined a yoga class, and it’s been a total blast! I have always wanted to learn yoga because not only is it good exercise, it’s also both graceful and peaceful. In the few lessons we’ve attended I have already become more flexible, and at peace with myself. The class is challenging, but luckily students can go at their own pace to build up stamina.

Needless to say that since I most definitely am continuing this class, I needed yoga accessories to help me through! I’ve already talked about how I have yoga pants; they are seriously the most comfortable, casual, yet flattering pants in the world. I decided to also pick up a pair of yoga capris since it is summer. When it comes to tops, the Aerie Seamless Bra is perfect for yoga. It’s stretchy and light and gives me the right amount of hold needed when practicing the various asanas and stretches. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend them for more strenuous exercise like running because I didn’t feel like they gave me the proper support I needed, but for a more relaxed exercise like pilates and yoga, they are perfect!

The essentials I recommend:

yoga essentials

The yoga mats are from Target, you can find them here (pink), and here (blue).

My sports bras are from Aerie, you can find similar ones here (mine is in Shocking Pink, the cobalt blue I have is sold out).

My yoga flare pants (pink band) and capri pants (light blue band) are also from Aerie, similar here, and here (respectively).

Because of the sale Aerie had over the long weekend, they seem to be mostly sold out of a lot of their products. If you check back in a week or so, they may have more colors to suit your style!

I am really looking forward to Sunday mornings now…these classes have been so much fun, and they’ve built my stamina and increased my focus. I never realized how much of a workout yoga was, and I’m glad that I’m being productive while still enjoying time spent with my mom!

xO K


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