Beach Time!

I’m finally going to the beach tomorrow!! I’ve only been waiting weeks for this day to come, and with all the rain and my friends’ busy schedules I didn’t get a chance until now. I mean I guess I could have gone alone…but I didn’t want to risk looking lame lying on my towel all alone. *Sigh. Either way, I’m very excited to be going with my newly graduated cousin (special congratulations shout out to her!), and I’d like to share some of my beach essentials with all of you!!

1. Take a hat!

Floppy hats and fedoras are the new fashion trend. Whether you’re in the park, at the mall, or on the beach, you’ll most likely see someone sporting some type of hat. Where fedoras are more for style, floppy hats actually shade your face from the sun, and I totally recommend taking one with you if you’re planning a day at the beach. I know that when I’m actually lying out to rest and tan, I’d rather throw my hair into a bun and call it a day; however, the hat can come in handy if you decide to take a walk!


This is my gorgeous sherbet orange floppy hat! Unfortunately I couldn’t find an exact copy online; however, there are so many adorable hats at so many different stores that finding one you like will not be hard!

2. Cover-up!

Unless you go to a private beach, or are renting a room along the shore, it’ll be hard for you to find a clean place to change your clothes. An extra outfit also takes up unnecessary room, and you don’t want to be lugging around a change of clothes when you don’t need to! My suggestion? Wear a cover-up dress or romper so that you can eliminate the need for another set of clothing. This way, you have something cute to wear on top of your swim suit, and you can wear it in shops and food places without looking tacky.

You can find two adorable and affordable cover-ups here, and here.

3. Headwrap!

When I’m at the beach, my hair is always up in a bun. The best part about that kind of effortless updo is that it leaves room for an accessory or two! Add a cute, colorful headwrap to your bun and give it more style!


My headwrap is from Forever21, and you can find a similar one here (Coral) and a really cute one here (Neon pink/cream).

So now I’m off for some sun and sand…I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather!

xO K


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