Nude Nails

Since it’s summertime, pastel and nude nails are becoming the rage. I’ve seen so many people with nude nails, and I love the look. The best part about painting your nails a nude color is that when they chip, it’s not as noticeable as it would be for a bright color. For me, this is perfect for the summer because my nail polish tends to chip faster after I spend time in the pool or ocean. Nude nails also match with everything, and since I tend to wear brighter colors during the summer, I never have to worry about my nails clashing.

Luckily for me, Sephora decided to discontinue its OPI line to make way for its own nail polish brand, Sephora X. For the past week, they’ve had a giant sale on all of their OPI nail polish, marking it down to 50% off. As many of you know, OPI makes quality nail polish, and sells for about $9.00 a bottle. Needless to say this sale was a miracle, and I definitely indulged in a bunch of colors!

Here are my nails in Leotard Optional:

PicMonkey Collage nude

This was the right nude for my skin tone, because the lighter ones contrasted too much. If you’re around the same skin color as me, this is the perfect nude for you!

If you’d like to check out the sale, you can find nail colors here, and top coats here! A lot of the colors are already gone, so if you’re interested definitely buy something right away!

xO K


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