Wedding Sangeet!

Hi! Last night was the wedding sangeet for two of my very good friends. I tend to get overemotional at weddings, and trust me, I was barely holding it together at the sangeet…what’s going to happen at the wedding?! I just want to say that I’m very happy for the two of them, and I wish them all the best wishes as they begin this new life together.

Here’s a glimpse of the traditional Indian outfit I wore last night:


I did my eye make-up using my brand new Urban Decay Ammo Palette. Let’s just take a second to appreciate how much I love this palette. My mom got it for me for Christmas years ago, and when I decided it was old and threw it away it felt like I was throwing away part of me (talk about dramatic). Urban Decay recently relaunched it, and I was lucky to have it return to my life. Needless to say, I will be featuring it in many posts in the future!


green eye collage

You start by applying Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo Eyeshadow “Creme Caramel” (found here) in the base color over your entire lid. I used it as a neutral base and it ended up being covered by the rest of the eyeshadow.

Then apply Urban Decay eyeshadow  in “Mildew” (individual found here) all over your lid. Remember, the colors in this palette are very shimmery so keep that in mind when you’re using it! If you’re trying to go for a more dramatic shimmery look you can afford to be heavy-handed during application, otherwise be gentle!

As a highlight, apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Maui Wowie” (individual found here) to your tearduct area. This color is really shiny and totally gorgeous. It has the perfect amount shimmer to make your eyes pop, regardless of what base color you use.

Since your eye is now green and gold, apply a darker color to contrast the green, and to highlight the subtle tones in your outfit. I used Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Smog” (individual found here). The brown shimmer complemented some of the brown and bronze tones in my dress, and helped tone down the brightness of the green shadow.

Finish by lining your top lash line and lower waterline with Sephora Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner in “Keep Black”. Apply mascara; I used Buxom Lash Mascara in “Blackest Black” (found here).

As you can tell, this one shadow palette gave me my entire look for the evening! My make-up lasted all night, and didn’t fade a bit.

I love matching my eye make-up with the outfits I wear. I always feel like my look is complete when all of my colors match. It’s sometimes hard to find the line between over-matching your outfit to the point of tackiness, and simply complementing the colors in what you’re wearing. If you’re not sure, just look in the mirror and ask yourself “If I saw me walk across the room would I think the make-up is too much?” If your answer is yes, take it off and try again, if it’s no, go have some fun!!

xO K


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