Natural Hair!

Hello Everyone!

Finals are over, and school is out!! This means lots of time for rest and relaxation, and blogging! The one thing about summer (even though it’s still spring) is that my hair goes through a lot, I mean a lot of damage. Between chlorine from my pool, sun damage, and the salty, sandy beating it sustains every time I go to the beach, I can’t really afford to contribute to the abuse. I used to blow dry my hair straight every time I washed it. You can imagine how quickly my ends split, and how bad this was for my hair.

After my spring break vacation to the Caribbean, where humidity was high and I didn’t have time to blow dry, I realized how much I actually like my natural hair! The main reason I blow dried, straightened, and whipped my hair away from its natural curliness is because I hated how frizzy it was when I left it untouched. My natural hair used to be so poofy, and I never let myself leave the house without doing something to it. Now, with the help of a little bit of product, I barely expose my hair to any heat, and let it air dry all the time. Needless to say this is wonderful, because it saves me so much time in the morning, and I’m not afraid of a little rain anymore!

Here is my hair right after being washed:

PicMonkey Collage nat hair


As soon as I get out of the shower, I comb my hair with a wide toothed comb. I find that combs with wider teeth prevent breakage, and I lose less hair when I use a comb instead of a hair brush. They also keep your curls intact because the teeth are spaced out enough.

After combing, I spray my hair with John Freida Collection Frizz-Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-in Conditioner. I usually alternate between using conditioner in the shower, or using the leave-in spray, and on really humid days I sometimes use both. Be sure to spray all of your hair, but try to stay away from the roots. When conditioner is applied to the roots, hair tends to get greasy faster! Be sure to comb through after applying the leave-in conditioner so that it is uniformly distributed throughout your hair.

To minimize frizz, I started using Matrix Essentials Sleek Look Sealing Serum. Just put a pea-sized amount into your palm (the amount depends on the length and thickness of your hair), and then rub it through the ends of your hair. Try to stay away from your scalp, because again, any serum that touches your roots will make your hair oily. Once you rub it through, just let your hair air dry, and voila! It should be frizz free and completely natural looking!

After air drying for over an hour:


I love this hair routine because it takes barely any product (conditioner is a given, and the serum isn’t too heavy or damaging). I’ve been able to embrace my natural curls, and feel good about the way my hair looks on a daily basis. With summer hair damage around the corner, I know I’m doing myself a favor by not doing anything more to harm my hair!

xO K


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