Bum Chic

When you’re studying, it’s hard to even imagine getting dressed up to go to class or exams. I know for a fact that during the next week, I am not even touching my jeans. But then a question pops up: How do I feel good about myself in sweatpants? I mean wearing them one day is fine, but wearing them for a whole week will make me feel like I have absolutely no figure and I’m doomed to a life in fat pants.

This is why I totally recommend yoga pants for your bum attire. Not only are they soft, stretchy, and comfy, they give you shape and hug your curves so you can feel sexy even when you’re running on 2 hours of sleep. Leggings are also great for this, and you can pair them with a long baggy  t-shirt or tank top so you’re still comfortable.

When it comes to staying warm in this chilly weather, you aren’t limited to sweatshirts. I know that I associate study-sessions with baggy sweatshirts, but I’m totally wrong. Cardigans aren’t just meant for work, the mall, and outings with your friends. If you find the right cardigan (not something too dressy), you can add it to your mix of bum chic clothes. I feel better when I wear cardigans instead of sweatshirts, because I feel like if you can’t see my pants, you’d assume I’m wearing jeans. Pair it with a cute, comfortable tank top and you’re set!

Here’s a look you can try this week:


My yoga pants are from Aerie, you can find a similar pair here.

My shoes are Converse Chuck Taylor Lo-Tops, you can find a similar pair here.

Good luck studying for finals! Remember, you look as good as you feel, so be confident and you’ll be fine!!

xO K


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