Dry Shampoo

Finals week means you have less time to worry about how you look, but you still do it anyway. We’ve all seen the girls who manage to look fantastic in sweatpants with their hair up during finals week, and we’ve all wondered how they manage to look good. Who has time to wash and blow-dry their hair when they could be practicing integrals and memorizing history facts?! How do these girls look great with their glasses on, when they have seemingly no make-up on underneath?

Luckily, I’ve uncovered some of the secrets by testing them on myself! Today, we’ll talk about hair.

I always need extra time in the morning when I wash my hair (which I usually do every other day), time that I would rather use for sleeping as it gets closer to finals. As a result, I either wake up early and grumble the entire time I’m getting ready, or put off washing my hair- both of which are bad options. I then discovered dry shampoo and trust me, my life has never been the same.


All you need to do is make sure your hair is untangled, lift each section and spray it at the roots. Make sure the nozzle isn’t too close to your hair otherwise it will make your hair hard (kind of like when you spray hair spray too close to your hair). Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and then comb or brush through your hair. You can also massage it through your hair with your fingertips to make sure it distributes evenly. I use the Volumizing Shampoo, but they have other types you can try.

I like to wear headbands on days I use dry shampoo because I feel like when I part my hair it looks greasy if it hasn’t been washed. They also keep my bangs out of my face which makes studying a lot easier, and they’re a super cute accessory on their own. Try to use one with teeth so it keeps your hair secure.

Here’s a picture of my dry shampooed hair two days after its last wash.


Hope this helps!

xO K


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