Purple Peter Pan

Hello Everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having lately. Today was such a beautiful day and of course I did what any college student with a giant to-do list would do: I spent the afternoon lying on a blanket in the grass. Sadly, I got a weird t-shirt tan, but it’s needless to say I don’t regret it at all (even if that means I’ll be up all night finishing work…just kidding, I’m writing a blog post). Here’s a glimpse of my outfit from today!


My cardigan is from H&M, you can find it hereΒ (Dark Purple).

My shorts are from Old Navy, you can find a similar pair hereΒ (Black Jack).

My shoes are from Pac Sun, you can find a similar pair here, or here.

My wallet is from Calvin Klein, you can find a similar one here.

I was so excited to wear this outfit, because not only are the shirt and cardigan brand new, they also match perfectly. Since it’s three-quarter sleeved, it will also be easy to wear in the warmer months. The lace peter pan collar on this floral shirt was also a big plus for me. I’ve always thought peter pan collars are so cute, and I loved how girly the lace made the outfit look. The espadrilles are insanely comfortable, and I love that I can pair them with an outfit like this, or just with sweats. They’re the perfect staple for a college student!

What are your thoughts on peter pan collars and colored cardigans?

xO K


2 thoughts on “Purple Peter Pan

  1. Your outfit is really cute! I like wearing shirts with Peter Pan collars πŸ™‚ But I tend to leave the top two buttons undone, whenever possible. Do you think that would work with a cardigan though?

    • Thank you! I think that would work well with a cardigan because it would open the neck up, and would push the collar onto the cardigan. If you’re wearing contrasting colors, this would definitely highlight the collar and I’m sure it would look good!

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