Blazer and Sundress

Today I decided to be a little daring with my outfit. I mean, since I left all of my jeans at my dorm in a rush, what was I supposed to do?! Since it’s getting warm outside, I figured I’d take the tags off of this dress I bought last summer and finally give it a spin. I usually never wear panty hose, so I added that to the mix as well. Didn’t want to wear my pea coat, so  I added a blazer in for good measure. The final product? Voila!


My dress is from Forever21, you can find a slightly similar one here (Cool Mint).

My flats are from Macy’s, you can find a similar pair here.

My tuxedo blazer is from Gap, unfortunately I couldn’t find one with a satin collar like mine, but you can find two similar ones here and here (Pitch Black).

My brown elephant stretch belt is from Macy’s, but the item is currently unavailable. You can find a similar style here. I think the black would work well with this outfit!

Somehow, the nude pantyhose worked really well with this shade of blue (didn’t make it look childish), the sequined black flats tied in with the black tuxedo blazer, and the contrast of the brown elephant belt pulled the whole outfit together! I will definitely be recycling this look later this spring!

What do you think?

xO K


One thought on “Blazer and Sundress

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