Missing Masala Tea

Today is the kind of day when I really miss my mom’s masala tea. There are coffee kind of days, and tea kind of days, and since it’s cold and gloomy, today was definitely a tea kind of day. Since I don’t have the means to brew a pot of tea, I decided to go to Starbucks and find something to ease my craving.

I found that Starbucks Tazo Organic Chai [found here] is the perfect fit for me. It has just the right mix of spices to give me that masala-y kick in my tea, and when I asked the barista to add a bit of skim milk, it was almost as good as homemade tea.

What kind of tea do you drink?


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One thought on “Missing Masala Tea

  1. I love tea! My favorite is Hoji tea, which is roasted green tea, it’s hard to find though. I’ve only found it at one Asian market, others I’ve tried don’t have it. Another fav of mine is early Grey too!

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